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If you received a Parking Citation you can: 

  • Pay Online at: *service fees applied*
  • Pay by Mail with Check or Money Order (Include your citation number on your payment)
                Mail to: Parking Enforcement
                              300 La Crosse Street
                              Wisconsin Dells, WI  53965
  • Pay in Person at City Hall located at 300 La Crosse Street Mon-Fri 8am – 4pm
  • Drop Payment in secured Payment Box located on the exterior of the Municipal Building located at 300 La Crosse Street (Include your citation number on your payment)
  • Request to Have Your Parking Citation Reviewed 
    If you think your citation was issued in error, please follow the instructions below. Parking citations will only be dismissed if the Municipal Court determines that the citation was issued in error. If your vehicle was illegally parked, your request will be denied. Before you fill out a Parking Citation Review Form, please review Reasons My Parking Citation will NOT be Dismissed

    Examples of possible errors:

      • Ticket issued even though I have a valid parking permit or paid receipt
      • Vehicles exempted by state statute
      • Vehicles that are illegally parked due to a documented medical emergency
      • Incorrect licenses plate number  

o   Fill out the Parking Citation Review Form within 10 days after the parking citation was issued including an explanation why the citation was issued in error.

Citations are reviewed by Parking Enforcement Officers of the Parking Utility and the Municipal Court Office.  If it is determined an error was made in issuing a citation, late fees will be waived. If the Review is denied, you are obligated to pay the fine and late fees that have accrued. Submitting a Request does not stop late fees from accruing. Fees are added beginning 14 days after a citation is issued.

  • Request a Court Date to Contest a Parking Citation. Parking Court is by appointment only. If you cannot resolve your case at that initial court appearance your case will be set for trial on another date and time to be determined by the court.
    • If a hearing is requested, you will be responsible for additional Municipal Court costs of $38, and/or issued a Traffic Citation payable to the State of Wisconsin. Court dates can be scheduled by contacting the Municipal Court Clerk at or by calling 608-254-2442. 
    • Citations must be appealed within 30 calendar days of issuance.

You MAY NOT Contest a Parking Citation if:

    • You have received a Notice of Collection, State Debt Collection, or Tax Refund Intercept Collection
    • You have been notified by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation that your vehicle registration has been suspended
    • Even though you may dispute a parking citation, there are many reasons why a parking ticket will not be dismissed. Please review Reasons My Parking Citation will NOT be Dismissed

Parking Fee Schedule

Overtime: $10 if paid within 14 days  

Illegal Parking:  $10-$30 (depending on offense) if paid within 14 days

$20 Late Fee – if paid 15-28 days after citation was issued  

Additional $20 Penalty – after 29 days

If payment is not received after 45 days the City will forward outstanding balances to participating collection agencies, the State Debt Collection and Tax Refund Intercept Programs. Additional administrative fee of $10 will apply.

Any unpaid parking citations will be submitted to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and your vehicle registration will be suspended until the matter is resolved.